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Route of the Rio Sonora


Naco, Sonora


Naco is one of two gateways to the Rio Sonora region. The port of entry in Naco is open 24 hours per day, however car permits are only available in Naco on weekends. Migracion (Immigration) is on the left as soon as you cross the border. 


Car permits are available in Naco from 4-10 PM on Friday and from 10AM-10PM on Saturday & Sunday.  For other times, visit the Cananea page for information on car permits required for the route of the Rio  Sonora.

The town of Naco, Sonora was established in 1901 after originally having been settled by Nahua and Opata Indians. The name comes from the Opata language. Naco is famous for the Battle of Naco which took place in 1915 between two factions of the  Mexican army.  US cavalry from Ft Huachuca stood guard along the border to insure the conflict remained in Mexico and did not spill over into the US.  In spite of this, several members of the US 9th and 10 Cavalry regiments did become casualties as a result of the fighting in Mexico.

Naco is a small but popular shopping area for southern Arizona residents. Many take advantage of it's proximity and ease of access to obtain prescription medications, food and beverages, as well as high quality but relatively low cost dental care. The principal economic activity in the area is manufacturing with several maquilladora firms operating in Naco. Agriculture is also important with large cattle ranching operations in the area.  

Naco Main Street Naco Town Plaza Motel Cowboy-Naco

Lodging in Naco:

Motel Cowboy  Ph:633-121-4017

Restaurants: Several on main street in Naco.


Pemex Station: Yes-on the right 8 blocks after the port of entry. Diesel and unleaded available.

Health Care:

Drs. Alvaro & Victor Martinez, DDS 520-227-8681 (US)

Dr. Gladys Gallardo, 520-904-0598, gallardogladys@hotmail.com

Dr. Rosa Delia Payan, 520-904-0598

Farmacia Del Valle, 011-52-633-334-0679
Farmacia Colosio, 011-52-633-334-0726


Sonora Outdoor Concepts, Patio Furniture, 520-249-3337
K-Tronics, Resistors, 520-432-5388

Municipal President (Mayor): Manuel Madrid
Municipal Email: municipiodenaco@hotmail.com

Population: 6,400





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